Bug discovered in MODIStsp!

We are sorry to report that we recently discovered a nasty bug (or rather, a stupid mistakeā€¦) in the MODIStsp package. The bug led to improper computation of custom spectral indices in the case that their formula included addition or subtraction operations on reflectance values (e.g., something like (\frac{(\rho{NIR}+0.1)}{\rho{Red}}), with (\rho) indicating a reflectance). What is affected Values of the following Additional Spectral Indices selectable using the MODIStsp GUI:

MODIStsp approved on rOpenSci!

We are happy to report that our MODIStsp package for automatic preprocessing of MODIS time series has been recently approved for being included in the rOpenSci ecosystem of R packages for reproducible science! We wish to thank reviewers Leah Wasser and Jeffrey Hanson for providing really valuable insights during the onboarding review process. We think their contribution really helped in improving the package! Please also note that MODIStsp website was also migrated, and is now available at http://ropensci.