MODIStsp (v 1.3.2) is on CRAN !

We are glad to report that MODIStsp is now also available on CRAN ! From now on, you can therefore install it by simply using:


In v 1.3.2 we also added the functionality to automatically apply scale and offset coefficients on MODIS original values according with the specifications of single MODIS products. Setting the new “Scale output values” option to “Yes”, scale factors and offsets are applied (if existing).


In this case, for example, Land Surface Temperature values in the output rasters will be in °K, and spectral indices will be floating point values (e.g., NDVI will be between -1 and 1 instead than between -10000 and 10000).

We also corrected a few bugs, affecting in particular ftp download, and modified the names of some output layers to reduce the length and homogenize output file names, and correct a few errors.

The changelog for v1.3.2 can be found HERE

We hope you will find the new version useful and that we didn’t introduce too many bugs ! Please report any problems in our issues GitHub page.

The development version of MODIStsp, containing the latest updates and bug fixes, will still be available on GitHub. It can be installed using:

install_github("ropensci/MODIStsp", ref = "master")

MODIStsp is a R package allowing automatic download and preprocessing of MODIS Land Products time series - you can find additional information here


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