MODIStsp v. 1.3.8 is out !

A new version of MODIStsp (1.3.8) is on CRAN as of today !

The new version fixes a nasty issue introduced by changes in gdal_buildvrt behaviour in GDAL > 2.3, ( which caused problems in proper application of scales and offset on MODIS layers - see

If you are experiencing problems with MODIStsp and you have GDAL > 2.3 on your system, you are strongly encouraged to update the package!

Besides this, MODIStsp 1.3.8 introduces some minor bug fixes, and adds support for products MOD21A1D.006, MOD21A1N.006 and MOD21A2.006

The full changelog for v1.3.8 can be found HERE

We hope you will find the new version useful and that we didn’t introduce too many bugs !

As usual, please report any problems in our issues GitHub page.


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