The new MODIStsp website (based on pkgdown) is online !

The MODIStsp website, which lay abandoned since several months on github pages, recently underwent a major overhaul thanks to pkgdown. The new site is now available at

We hope that the revised website will allow to navigate MODIStsp-related material much more easily than either github or the standard CRAN documentation, and will therefore help users in better and more easily exploiting MODIStsp functionality.

The restyling was possible thanks to the very nice “pkgdown” R package (, which allows to easily create a static documentation website.

Though pkgdown does already quite a good job in creating a bare-bones website exploiting just the material available in a standard devtools-based R package file structure, I was surprised at how simply the standard website could be tweaked to obtain a very nice (IMO) final result without needing any particular background on html, css, etc. !

(On that, I plan to soon post a short guide containing a few tips and tricks I learnt in the last days for setting up and configuring a pkgdown website, so stay tuned !)


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